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I see you here and there Never can talk to you Because deep down you are there Inside my heart Warming my pillow as I sleep Because in my dreams We have conversations and Watch the sun go to sleep Eat ice cream together Laugh through life The love of my life You never materialise … Continue reading

  • She said she liked me I told her I loved talking to her. She said I was a good friend and I told her I was single. She'd hug me and when I'd hug her and hold to her tight, my heart would melt. When she kissed my cheeks, I'd feel weak at my knees. We had met by chance. I called it destiny. It was not an accident either because what are accidents save destiny misnamed? Beauty was an opinion but hers was a fact. reading what poets and writers of old wrote, I felt that they were preparing the world to meet her. I knew she liked me as much as I did her but with girls, you can never be certain. So I never told her. I never told her lest she became angry and broke off our friendship. I never told her because she was my moon, stars and my sun. I wish words could be painted and courage could be bought. i needed those in their tons. I did not know much on flowers, but whenever she asked us to meet, I brought one of those. Now she is married with kids. I am married too but whenever I see her, my heart skips a beat. My wife asked. I said she was my best friend. She asked if I loved her. I said I never stopped. She wanted to cry. I said I was with my wife and not her. Now she is dead. I found her diary. It read: "I loved him with all my heart. I waited for him he never said. I got married. He did too. I loved him still. My moon. My stars. My sun." It was the same word on every day we'd meet noted on her diary. My sun. My moon. My stars.